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Many of we senior travelers have left hotels carrying suitcases stuffed with towels, sheets, soaps, cups and other contraband. Now, according to the British Guardian, the list of swiped room items includes mattresses.

While the smaller items are worth only a few dollars each, hotel beancounters already factor them into the room charges. However, with posh hotel mattresses costing several hundred bucks each, there’s no way to make up for their loss. Unless, of course, hotel management sends bills to the rooms’ most recent occupants.

But that isn’t always possible, because mostly non-guest professional crooks are stealing the big mattresses. They get into rooms illegally and haul the loot down by elevator into under-hotel parking garages for car and truck getaways.

So,  be an honest guest. On your next visit to a posh, overpriced hotel, don’t try stuffing a bulky mattress into your too-tiny suitcase when you leave.

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