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When you take your kids and grandkids to the Happiest Place On Earth, you’ll notice that the costumed characters often reach out to pat and hug visiting little ones. However, always remember it is illegal for adult visitors to do the same with the familiar figures.

Recently, several adult visitors have been ejected and/or fined for doing some annoying touchy-feely grasping of characters dressed as Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck. Their actions went beyond simple hugs, including reaching into costumes and grasping bottoms and busts.

It brings back family memories from 40 years ago. Our daughter, then aged 4, followed the Donald Duck character while holding on to his costume’s tail. Angry, he attempted to get through a doorway, but she wouldn’t let go. If that had happened today at Disney, would we have to later visit our little girl in the local lockup and/or hospital?

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