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In rank order: 1. Columbia MD, 2. Yonkers NY, 3. Plano TX, 4. Gilbert AZ, 5. S. Burlington VT, 6. Virginia Beach VA, 7. Bismarck ND, 8. Nashua NH, 9. Chandler AZ, 10. Warwick RI, 11. Chesapeake VA, 12. Scottsdale AZ, 13. Fargo ND, 14. Burlington VT, 15. Peoria AZ, 16. Madison WI, 17. Laredo TX, 18. Cedar Rapids IO, 19. Lewiston ME and 20, Aurora IL.

How they compiled these figures is anyone’s guess. Actually, for wandering seniors, just about all city sidewalks and streets can be dangerous at any time, day or night. Consider crossing on foot in heavy traffic, while scooters and bikes speed down sidewalks and reeling drunks stagger out of bars.

And let’s not forget druggies, homeless, pickpockets, drunk drivers and hold-up thugs. Many sudden happenings can knock a city off the safe list at any moment. Therefore, in your big metropolis visits always be alert and responsible for your own safe driving and wandering. www.usatoday.com/picture-gallery/travel/news/2019/12/02/safest-cities-america

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