San Francisco CA: Robbery Housing Costs Keeps Rising Print

The City by the Bay becomes more and more infamous for its grossly overpriced rentals and real estate prices. Spurred originally by high salaries at tech companies, the average one-bedroom apartment rent now is $5k a month, and a small row home in the city sells for a million bucks.

Of course, at the same time and for the same greed-inflated reasons, San Francisco has one of the fastest growing homeless populations in the nation. It’s a daily problem for those paying the sky-high rental and home purchase prices to live there. Walking on city sidewalks requires stepping around or over many people, their belongings, trash and bodily droppings.

If your travel plans include San Francisco, expect very high prices for restaurant, hotel and airbnb private home rentals. Also, when you stroll down the street, expect to encounter many very high addicts and their very low lifestyles.