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Your nonagenarian travel4seniors.com editor and a few other surviving WW2 veterans remember those words. The German dictator had ordered the occupied French capital to be destroyed in August 1944 as victorious Allied forces were approaching to liberate it. Fortunately, the city was saved from a fiery disaster.

Now, the same fate threatens Paris. But instead of by wartime enemies, the destruction is happening from within. Out-of-control mobs of French rioters in 2018 may be fulfilling Hitler’s order to burn down the city. Their original complaint was to protest rising gasoline prices. However, as with all destructive big city riots, the complaints have been replaced with uncontrolled violent insanity.

If you and family members intend to visit the troubled city during the holiday season and beyond, keep in close touch with the evolving situation. We’re sorry to advise you, for personal safety, it may be wise to postpone or cancel your plans.

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