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The busy company has plans to add them within the next year. Can savvy senior flyers imagine what some of the training subjects will be? For example:

Hey, just because you’re 90 years old, don’t expect me to lug your carry-on way up there in the overhead. Do it yourself, grandma!

Watch it, grandpa. Just because I lean over you and wiggle my butt, it isn’t an invitation to grope. Keep your hands to yourself, dirty old man. I don’t care if you are wearing Depends, stay in your damn seat and keep your seat belt on until the pilot says you can go to the toilet. And if you don’t make it, clean it up yourself.

You get these teeny peanut bags for free, so don’t complain if there are only two tiny peanuts in each one.

Tough luck, skinny grandma, to be seated next to an unwashed, drunk 400-pound passenger. But hey, slip me a 100 bucks and I’ll move you to a seat closer to the toilet.

We’ve landed, so OK, OK, stay seated. I’ll get your damn wheelchair after all the other passengers have deplaned. Too bad if your sorry old ass will miss your connecting flight.

Just kidding, new Delta staffers. Good luck in your  fledgling flying careers to the new stewardes…. Er … flight attendants!

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