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Remember? Fifty years ago John Huston portrayed Noah in his epic film, The Bible ... In The Beginning. Also starring as Old Testament figures in other sequences were Ava Gardner, Peter O’Toole and George C. Scott. Russell Crowe portrayed Noah in a 2014 movie about the story.

Artists have depicted imaginative pictures of the Ark for centuries. A 500-foot (cubits?), copy-cat model of Noah’s original boat is now a sort-of amusement park for inquisitive visitors. It’s in the small Kentucky town, 40 miles south of Cincinnati, Ohio.

The $100 million replica boasts authentic on-board structures, including living quarters for the two-by-two animals and Noah’s family. They’re occupied by realistic-looking plastic figures, standing patiently as visitors snuggle up for family photos and selfies. Adult tickets are $40, seniors $31, kids $28 and under age 5 are admitted free. For more info, go to arkencounter.com

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