Paris, France: Eiffel Tower New See-Thru Glass Floors Print

Many of our senior career women readers are too familiar with glass ceilings. Now, travels can take them to sky-high places where they’ll enjoy glass floors and breathtaking views.

The venerable Eiffel Tower, celebrating its 125th anniversary, now offers visitors a high floor with a clear glass bottom that reveals the city of Paris 200 feet below. The millions of visitors who flock to the landmark each year can now stand and look down on the beautiful city.

Here are several other glass-bottomed attractions around the world:  CN Tower, Toronto, Canada: The see-thru walkway vision is 1,122 feet high, and first opened 20 years ago.

Skytree, Tokyo, Japan: At nearly a half-mile high, the world’s highest freestanding broadcast tower offers the glass-bottom Tembo Deck at its 1,148 feet level, surrounded by 360-degree views from huge window panels.

Grand Canyon Skywalk: The world’s highest and easily the most spectacular, is nearly a mile up from the bottom of the Grand Canyon North Rim at the Colorado River. Walking this circular, glass-bottom overhang is a lifetime experience.

Sea Walk on the Princess: Tho not as sky high as the land-based glass walkways, this exciting feature allows passengers to stroll out 25 feet above the waves, enjoying clear views of the ocean below as the ship rides the waves. So far, the feature is available on the Regal and Royal Princess cruise ships.