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According to the respected research institute’s recent findings, only 4% of American seniors would want to live to age 120. Euwwww, Pew! We do not agree at all! Those statistical beancounters should take another count! 

Most of our seasoned travelers we’ve talked to recently would cherish those extra years to fulfill some great bucket lists. The first response was that they’d like to spend more time with their loved ones, and then embark on exciting ventures by air, sea and land.

The list could include sticking around long enough to see the Kardashians fade into blessed obscurity, watch the Boston Red Sox win another World Series, be in London to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 100th jubilee and attend Wayne Newton’s 90th annual Las Vegas on-stage performance.

Additionally, even if it seems forever just a dream, some elder voters hope to survive long enough to see the end of war, crime, poverty and disease. And by the way, we’d want to witness the election of honest and intelligent politicians. Of course, that wish may be a total impossibility.

Additionally, to live that long could also cause some heartache. As Mel Brooks’ famous 2,000-year-old man once kvetched: I have children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren. And not one of them ever even picks up the phone to call me!

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