Old Tucson offers old-fashioned Western fun Print

Just 15 minutes west of downtown and about 20 minutes from the Tucson International Airport is a rootin’, tootin’ vintage Western town theme park called Old Tucson. Celebrating its 70th birthday in 2009, the authentic-looking 1800s frontier town was built originally as a very detailed movie set for the movie, “Arizona”, starring Bill Holden and Jean Arthur.

Other Western movies and TV series have been made at Old Tucson, some with such famous Hollywood names as John Wayne, Bing Crosby, Roy Rogers, Errol Flynn, James Stewart and an actor who went on to another career, Ronald Reagan.

Stage coach


Ticket prices for an all-day visit are $17 for adults and $11 for kids age four to 11. Smaller kids get free entry. There are several eateries throughout the big main street, including a Western music hall review that serves lunch and dinner western style.

Among the features are stagecoach rides, gun fights, movie stunts and other activities for kids and grown-up kids. There are also arrangements for group trips, special music events and date night offerings. For more information, go to www.oldtucson.com