Who'd Be Your Fantasy London Pub Crawl Mate? Print

We asked some of our readers the question: If you had one person from throughout English history to go with you on a visit to London, who would you choose? Here are some of the answers:

Jack B, retired police officer: King Henry VIII, because he’d know where all the best food and drink is in old London town. And Big Hank’s the primo bosso of the land, so it would all be free. Also, knowing his reputation with the ladies, not one of them would dare turn us down when we ask to spend an intimate evening together.

Famed English leaders
Marilyn S, physical therapist: I’d certainly make Will Shakespeare my London travel companion. We’d tour all of his favorite places, and he’d keep me enthralled with quotes from his famous writings. He’d get us good seats at the Globe to watch a performance of “Romeo and Juliet”. We’d top off our day of love’s labour with a brew or two at his favorite hangout, first making sure Will left old Annie Hathaway home in Stratford upon Avon. Then, for just the two of us, all’s well that ends well.

Betty G, retired history teacher: My choice for roaming around London would be King Arthur. Maybe the clanking armor would be a bit bothersome, but we’d find some nice place with a round table and order mead drinks in silver chalices. Then he’d regale me with all the glowing tales of knights, dragons, fair damsels and noble quests.

MSgt. Brad F, U.S. Army (Ret): My London buddy would be King Henry V, the guy who set the standards of bravery and honor for all soldiers when leading his English troops in battle. Hank and I would get together in a nice smoky London pub to drink flagons of ale to offer salutes to other GIs, that band of brothers, now defending our country. With enough flagons full, Henry and I will spend the night honoring all the grunts from all the wars since Agincourt.

Thad N, orthodontic dentist: I’d want to stroll London with Sir Winston Churchill. We’d get some good cigars and then hit some his favorite old pubs. Then after several glasses of dark beer and beef pies, old Winnie would give the V sign to the admiring crowd, and tell how he and his noble Londoners held on during the worst of the Blitz and finally won the Battle of Britain.