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We ardent fans of The Pelvis remember younger days when we listened to his records, watched his movies and attended his sold-out concerts. It may be a bit difficult to believe, but if he were alive today, Elvis would celebrate his 83rd birthday on January 8.

Would he still be the handsome guy with black sideburns, sexy voice and swiveling hips? Or would he look like an elderly Willie Nelson, and feebly pluck his guitar and croak to long-ago tunes? Or just remember him as he was in his glory days. If you want to include a nostalgic visit to Presley’s birthplace, it’s located a three-hour drive along the picturesque Natches Trace Parkway from Jackson, the state capital. The Tupelo home was built by his dad almost a century ago for the growing Presley family.

As a tourist attraction today, the park-like property includes a memorial chapel, statue of Elvis with his first guitar, story wall, memorabilia collection and more. The Tupelo address is, of course, on Elvis Presley Drive at #306.

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