Thailand: You Could Do A Year In Jail For Smoking On The Beach

Have you ever settled down at the seashore, picnic in the park or outdoor restaurant, enjoying the fresh air? Then some inconsiderate future lung cancer patient came by puffing on a stinky cigarette or stinkier cigar. Fortunately, there’s hope for non-smokers, because more and more areas of the world are beginning to ban smoking.

The government Thailand just imposed a non-smoking ban on its 20 beautiful beaches. Other countries around the world are doing the same. It isn’t just the bothersome smell causing the bans. Discarded butts cause environmental damage, pollution and drainage problems. Of course, when a smoker falls asleep with a lighted cigarette in hotel rooms, forests and other vulnerable locations, the disaster is much worse than unpleasant smell.

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8 Ways To Prepare Grandchildren For Grand Vacations - Making Travel Without Parents A Fun Challenge
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When Alaskans found out the United States Senate passed the Statehood Act in June of 1958, sirens blared and crowds celebrated around bonfires.  It was a spontaneous party that kicked off six months of anticipation ahead of President Dwight D. Eisenhower's signature on the statehood proclamation on Jan. 3, 1959. Fast-forward 50 years, and Alaska is preparing to mark the official anniversary with just as much fervor.
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