Silversea Cruises: No Smoking Ban To Be Enforced

According to USAToday, beginning soon, luxury line Silversea Cruises will not allow smoking in cabins and other areas of their ships. They will continue to permit smokers to light up cigars, pipes and cigarettes in their insulated Connoisser’s Corner and certain designated open deck areas.

Several other cruise lines have already placed restrictions on smoking. With the industry trend to encourage more young families to sail together, including infants, it can be expected that the smoking bans will spread.

They're still out there serving for you PDF Print E-mail

Soldiers with flag

Don’t forget the young men and women who are still fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. If you’re a family member or school pal, a friendly note is always welcome, along with a thoughtful gift from those of us who appreciate their service to our country.

Therapeutic mud baths, Dead Sea, Israel PDF Print E-mail

Mud bath

Ryanair allows fliers to huff'n'puff smokeless PDF Print E-mail

Cartoon of smoker

Many of us now in our senior years can remember when smoking on flights was unrestricted, and we sat through flights while the recycled cabin air turned choking blue with stinky cigarette and cigar smoke. Now, for the past decade or so, passenger smoking has been banned by every airline. However, some genius in Ryanair has just come up with a brilliant idea to bring back tobacco in the air.

Create video journals of your future travels PDF Print E-mail

TV set with Civil War image

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a home-made video of your dad as a 19-year-old GI paratrooper in 1944 just before he jumped into France on D-Day? Would you like to see video shot by your grandparents as they narrated their experience on Ellis Island in 1909? Or your great-great grandfather’s 1863 video journal as he prepared for the Battle of Gettysburg?

Of course, there were no cell phone TVs or any kind of TV cameras in those days to record the important moments of their lives. However, today, you have fantastic video opportunities, and future generations of your family would like to see some real moments of your life after your time in history has passed.

Destination: Tiananmen Square, Beijing PDF Print E-mail


One of the first places China tourists want to see and be seen through their camera lenses is Tiananmen Square. The world-famous plaza, located in Beijing, the nation's capital city is the largest public square in the world. It’s named for the sacred Tiananmen, translated as Gate of Heavenly Peace. This structure stands at one end of the Square as guardian doorway to the Forbidden City.

The Forbidden City dates back to the early 1400s, and through the centuries has served as palace, religious site, government quarters and residences of Chinese royal dynasties. When the Communist regime took over the city in 1949, a new kind of dynasty was created to be honored on the Square.


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