American Airlines: Cheaper If You Travel Lighter

AA calls it basic-economy fare, and restricts those passengers to just one bag that fits under the seat. Not allowed to stash anything in the overhead. AA joins United Airlines in offering this cheaper choice. It’s estimated the new policy will save from 10 to 25 percent on flights.

Of course, among the restrictions is that the cheap seat passengers get to go last in their walk of shame to board the flight. Then, will an attendant utter the classic line: Please step to the back of the bus. One can only wonder what’s next in money-saving offers. Announcement: All cheap seat passengers must remove their clothing before boarding.

Tips: Seniors can have fun at Disney, too PDF Print E-mail

Disney World Castle

Seniors also love Cinderella's castle

Walt Disney World in Orlando is not just for kids. It has something for everyone, and adults can find plenty to see, nibble and experience in the vast Florida empire created by the most innovative entertainment organization in the world.

After you leave your hotel, hop on a bus, walk or ride the monorail. That elevated railway gives you an enjoyable, scenic ride while whipping you just about anywhere you want to go on the Disney property. If you’re a history and/or geography buff, you should alight at Epcot’s World Showcase, the part of Disney that offers experiences, exhibits and food from all over the world.


Ireland: Deciding which pub to patronize PDF Print E-mail

Irish signs

100 Great Things To Do In Paris PDF Print E-mail

Check out this great thread on the Fodors forum listing a whole bunch of great things to do in Paris France


The grab a bargain trip today ads bother us PDF Print E-mail

Cartoon of pitchman

Unhappy about sign-on-quick pitches for cruises

Q: We’re long-time retirees and love to travel. We plan for a trip weeks or months ahead, and need the time to consider all the prices, destinations and other options. However, we’re getting tired of those ads that offer travel deals if you grab them within 24 or 48 hours.

Many seniors, both retired and still working, don’t want to be conned into booking a so-called bargain trip somewhere right now just because it offers all kinds of alleged discounts. Has the travel industry become one big used car lot, with deals and prices blaring out just to entice you to buy?

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany PDF Print E-mail

Brandenburg Gate


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