Take Online Travel Reviews With Grain Of Salt

The London Times recently reported that many glowing reviews about airlines, hotels, cruises and other travel destinations, are phony. Showing up on the web as authentic experiences from individual travelers, the reviews entice people to patronize the allegedly wonderful product. In one example, researchers found that false reviewers posted hundreds of highly favorable letters under different names to promote a poor quality, overpriced hotel.

Seniors planning trips do best by researching options personally, as well as by asking a trusted travel agent to recommend hotels, cruise lines and other options. If the agent values you as a customer, your chances of suffering a bad travel experience are considerably less.

London: Big Ben and Parliament Buildings PDF Print E-mail

Big Ben and Parliament Bldgs., London, England

Fontainebleau Hilton Resort: Luxury & nostalgia PDF Print E-mail

Fontainebleau Resort, Miami Beach FL

Many senior travelers remember the glory days of Miami Beach’s Fontainebleu Hotel when it was hip and new in the ‘50s and ‘60s. While we working stiffs couldn’t afford to join the moneyed visitors from New York and Philly in their posh suites, some of us were privileged then to be there on business and conference gigs.

It was the epitome of luxury then, and famed for the roster of entertainment stars who stayed as guests and those who performed at the resort’s Tropigala Room. The Fontainebleu’s guest list included presidents, prime ministers, international mobsters, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Bob Hope, Sammy Davis, Jr., Lucille Ball, Jerry Lewis, Woody Allen, Desi Arnaz and a host of other notables.

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Sidewalk artist

Art can be a fleeting moment, then disappear in the rain

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Tuxes are spiffy on cruises, but are they necessary?

If you’re considering taking formal clothing for your cruise, first be aware that on most cruises today they are not required. However, for many senior cruise passengers, it’s an enjoyable tradition to dress up in formal clothing for sit-down dinners and at the late night dance and entertainment programs. Dressing up gives feelings of elegance you don’t have on nights out at home. Another plus is that you can get photos and/or video to show the folks at home how elegant you were on your voyage.

Before you pack formal clothing for a cruise, consider certain factors. First, along with shoes and other necessary accessories, those items take up considerable weight and space in your baggage. If you're accustomed to traveling with only carry-on bags, forget formal wear. If you take the upscale duds, you’ll need at least one large suitcase for each person. Additionally, if you’re flying to get to the cruise ship, the suitcases will have to be checked at ever-increasing airline charges.

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We seniors often worry about the world situation


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