Celeb Chef Ramsay Claims He Hates Airline Food

In a recent Yahoo article, the international foodie guru insists he never eats while flying coach. He cites lack of cleanliness, reheating of old food and other unhealthy practices by airline attendants.

Your travel4seniors.com editor, with more than a half-century of flying in the cheap seats, agrees. Also, the price of an airline meal has risen during those years from $5 (often free back then) to as much as $50.

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Well, not really a very fast breeze these days, but if you do it right, at least you can avoid the usual snail’s pace . Here are some suggestions for easing your way:

1. Wear easy-off shoes, sandals and boots. Nothing is so awkward in the security line as when you’re juggling tickets, purses, computers, tickets and other stuff, and then have to stoop over to remove or put on footwear. Make it at least a bit less inconvenient if you can get barefoot in a hurry.

2. Wear a jacket or vest with lots of pockets when going through security. Have all papers and other documents ready ready to be displayed.

3. Yeah, we know all the gripes about the body scans, and how they’re getting more embarrassing as new ones are invented. If you must go through the ordeal, keep calm and courteous. The scan person is just doing a job and has heard it all before.

4. Know the no-no rules about stuff you can’t carry through security, and be sure to leave it with your checked bags before you must go through the delays caused by your thoughtless error. Be sure your laptop is in approved bag with open flap in case it is inspected.

And, for your own peace of mind, get to the airport early, so the ordeal won’t also include running to a gate that has just closed. Be prompt, not sorry.

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On your next flight, would you enjoy a dinner of roast dinosaur? There are several scientific studies going on that examine the diet of Stone Age humans. The rumor is that cruise lines, airlines and hotel chains are interested in serving foods that include more natural and healthy ingredients.

Actually, just kidding about dinosaur on the menu. If you ever stayed awake in history class, you’d know those beasts were gone from the earth several million years before man arrived. However, the cavemen's simple diet, primarily of meats, is considered healthy for today’s humans by some nutrition experts. Just don’t try convincing a vegan of that.

Stone Age people were hunter-gathers who found food, primarily animals, within short distances of where they lived. They did eat some wild grasses and beans, but researchers claim vitamin-rich liver, kidneys and brains were their favorites. By the way, have those researchers considered that cavemen died at 30 of old age?

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Flying on commercial airlines seems to be getting more stressful all the time. Name any complaint and every passenger these days can gripe about a personal occasion when it happened.

However, there are times when passengers go beyond angripes, and actually put themselves and others in danger by losing control. Something makes people to snap in flight, and we seem to see about it in the news almost every day.

Recently   cite example an unruly passenger on a flight bound for Amsterdam forced pilots to return the plane to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport shortly after take-off.

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